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Logs, mats, and more are available. thumbs : { }, The plants will be provided at a rate of 6 per l/m and will be firmly rooted into the coir fibre roll when supplied. jQuerGall('#' + img_el_id).trigger('click'); var os_fancy_box_getInst = jQuerGall.os_fancybox.getInstance(); jQuerGall(container+" .osgalery-cat-tabs#4_650018756 a").click(function(e) { autoStart : osg.params.fancSettings.thumbs.autoStart, var os_fb_group_count =; Coir rolls and pallets offer good tolerance to fluctuating water levels, flow induced shear stress and grazing by wild fowl, when protected by our weld mesh bird deterrents. autoStart : osg.params.fancSettings.thumbs.autoStart, //if there are less than 3 pictures left before the end of the array and if load more is possible, we call the load jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756 .load-more-hidden").removeClass("load-more-hidden"); os_fancy_box_group_item_tmp.src = '//'+ os_youtube_link + '?autoplay=1&autohide=1&fs=1&rel=0&hd=1&wmode=transparent&enablejsapi=1&html5=1'; } Coir rolls are cylindrical rolls that span 12 to 20 inches in diameter, are packed with coir fibers (i.e., coconut husk fibers), and are held together with mesh. 'arrowRight', axis : osg.params.fancSettings.thumbs.axis if(lm == count){ else { inProgressAjax = true; jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756 .load-more-hidden img").load(function(event){ jQuerGall('li a').removeClass("active"); li_cloned.find('img').attr("data-src", ""+data.os_loadMore_result[index].file_name); if(gallery_cat_id && gallery_cat_id.indexOf('cat-') > -1){ }, gallery.loadMore("0"); history.pushState (href, null, href.substring(0, href.indexOf('?os_image_id'))); history.pushState(null, null, href + '&' + id);} 2. osg.loadMoreAuto = function(){ If you have questions about fiber rolls for erosion control, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote. if(limEnd != 0) jQuerGall(container+" .osgalery-cat-tabs#4_650018756").attr('data-end', limEnd); if (this.os_image_id){ Erosion Control Products Manufacture & Supply. success: function(data){ transitionDuration : "500", The coir logs provide a barrier to be built up against in the water environments and allow for vegetation, grasses or stone to fill in the river or lake bank eroding away. else { } os_fancy_box_group_item_tmp ); if(data.success){ else if (href.indexOf('?') Itemid: '144', }, }, dataType: "json", var href = window.location.href; } else if (os_show_load_more !== null){ jQuerGall('#os_lm_progres_img-4_650018756:last' ).css('display', 'none'); if (! Where to Place a Coir Log. These erosion control mats provide functional longevity of three years. } var lm = 0; }else{ } osg.loadMore("button"); Products. 'share': 'share', else if ( href.indexOf('&') == -1 && href.indexOf('?os_image_id') == -1){ offers 73 erosion coir roll products. jQuerGall(container+" .img-block").css("width",imgBlockW+"%"); } lm++; dataType: "json", animationDuration: '500', if (data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.indexOf('vimeo') > -1){ type: 'POST', infobar : true, } }); Call us with your erosion control questions and our experienced professionals will be able to assist with product selection and installation guidance. } limEnd = data.limEnd; }; clickSlide : 'close', var os_now = href.substr(href.lastIndexOf('-')); ], inProgressAjax = true; } if(img_el_id && img_el_id.indexOf('os_image_id') > -1) { } Our available products are detailed […] Call our product specialist team at 1-863-270-8118. jQuerGall('#load-more-4_650018756').trigger('click'); var href = window.location.href; inProgressAjax = false; else { data: { osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.zoom, } loop: false, success: function(data){ autoStart : false, jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").removeAttr("disabled"); }else{ }) else { For generations, the families of the founders owned coconut plantations in Sri Lanka’s Coconut Triangle. The EC Coir log is made from coir fiber and bound by coir twine that has a high tensile strength and. This has meant the need for erosion control products, such as coconut fibre mat and … var os_imgShortDescription = os_caption_tmp2.substring(leight1, leight2); beforeSend: function() { minImgEnable : 1, (this instanceof osGallery4_650018756)) return new osGallery4_650018756(container, params); osg.loadMoreScroll = function(){ Using reliable erosion control methods helps preserve the safety of those buildings and their inhabitants or patrons. axis : osg.params.fancSettings.thumbs.axis galId: 4 }, var osg = this; lm++; buttons : [ var img_index = jQuerGall(".os_fancybox-thumbs ul li:last").attr("data-index"); if(osg.params.minImgEnable){ Pre-Drilled Coir Logs are available in a range of sizes. beforeSend: function() { } osg.reinit(data.catId, limEnd); var href = window.location.href; jQuerGall(jQuerGall(this).attr("href")).fadeTo(500, 1); 'download': 'download', Category Title //function reinit for load more functions Thus, coir erosion control products have become an important tool in modern bioengineering. //append hidden data A wide variety of coir erosion controls options are available to you, such as project solution capability, design style, and warranty. } } osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.fullScreen, jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756 .load-more-hidden img").load(function(event){ var pos2 = href.lastIndexOf('#'); }, var naturalWidth = jQuerGall('.htmlWidthAsImage#data-html-'+id+' .imgInHtml img').prop('naturalWidth'); jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr("disabled","disabled"); }, history.pushState (href, null, href.substring(0, href.indexOf('?os_image_id')) + "?" if (href.indexOf('&os_image_id') > -1){ catId: jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-cat-id'), Coir log (water log, coco log) is made with a coir netted bag filled with coir fibre. beforeShow: function(){ }); transitionEffect: false, Salix are the only company to manufacture Coir Rolls in the UK and are the UK’s largest grower of “pre-established” rolls. var gallery_cat_id = ''; transitionEffect : "fade", var os_show_load_more = "0"; slideShow : { Alternatively, the blankets can be stitched thread and polypropylene mesh. var leight1 = data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.indexOf('https://vimeo'); id = id.split('-')[1];//get scalar id if(limEnd != -1 && !inProgressAjax){ buttons : { if (os_caption_tmp2.length > 29){ jQuerGall(container+" .os-cat-tab-images div[id^='cat-']").each(function(index, el) { if(((imgBlockW*mainBlockW)/100) < osg.params.minImgSize){ //create a new object

  • if (os_show_load_more == 'auto'){ 'thumbs', if (data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.indexOf('youtube') > -1){ Slope Runoff Control; Erosion Control; Still have questions? } EC Coir Logs are excellent Best Management Practice (BMP) devices for the minimization of accelerated erosion and the . type: 'POST', var href = window.location.href; if(data.success){ Fact Sheet 4 discusses coastal bioengineering projects that use a combination of deep-rooted plants and erosion-control products made of natural, biodegradable materials, called coir rolls. } }, } © 2018 - 2020 Greenfix Soil Stabilisation & Erosion Control Limited. baseClass : osg.params.fancSettings.baseClass, //add appropriate class to set thumbnails position {thumb_bottom},{thumb_right} A.G.A. if(data.limEnd == -1){ } The erosion control coir log is easy to use, install, and maintain in areas like hills, riverbanks, shorelines and other areas susceptible to erosion. 'arrowRight': 'arrowRight', var count = jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756 .load-more-hidden img").length; }, var pos1 = href.indexOf('os_image_id'); animationDuration : osg.params.fancSettings.animationDuration, slideShow : { } jQuerGall(container+" .os-cat-tab-images>div").hide(); }, For over 30 years, we’ve met the high demand for a variety of geotextiles, coir logs, and other landscape supplies. else if (os_show_load_more !== null){ of deep-rooted plants and erosion-control products made of natural, biodegradable materials, such as coir rolls. os_fancy_box_getInst = jQuerGall.os_fancybox.getInstance(); //jQuerGall.os_fancybox.getInstance() Determines whether the modal window is running osg.init = function(limEnd){ Salix have developed a range of specific species mixes for use in … }, } if (jQuerGall.os_fancybox.getInstance() !== false){ Please click here to request product specification documents and installation guides. var os_fb_group_count =; var os_fb_group_count =; } history.pushState (href, null, href.substring(0, href.indexOf('&os_image_id'))); inProgressAjax = true; As coir logs biodegrade, the coir fibers will enrich the surrounding soil for further vegetative support. CoirGreen® manufactures and supplies a range of natural coir products for the erosion control and horticultural industries. autoStart : false, Soil erosion is one of the biggest challenges that we have been battling collectively as a planet over the past few decades, and in order to combat these negative changes, products such as, coir logs, coir pallets and coir sheets have been used successfully. autoStart : osg.params.fancSettings.slideShow.autoStart, jQuerGall('#os_lm_progres_img-4_650018756:last' ).css('display', 'block'); var os_caption_tmp2 = data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.substring(leight_imgShortDescription_1, leight_imgShortDescription_2); if (href.indexOf('&os_image_id') > -1) jQuerGall('#os_lm_progres_img-4_650018756:last' ).css('display', 'none'); Coir geotextiles are best for controlling soil erosion and conditioning soil. limEnd = data.limEnd; var lm = 0; end: jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-end'), osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.arrowRight, Salix have developed a range of specific species mixes for use in … The erosion control coir log is easy to use, install, and maintain in areas like hills, riverbanks, shorelines and other areas susceptible to erosion. }, } var os_imgShortDescription = os_imgShortDescription.substring(4) + '
    '; task: "loadMoreScroll", var id = this.opts.$orig.attr('id'); var os_one_img = os_one_img.substring(12); Coir Logs provide protection while vegetation establishes and takes over the long term stabilisation. if (os_show_load_more == 'auto'){ jQuerGall(".os_fancybox-button--arrow_right").attr('disabled', 'true'); os_fancy_box_group_item_tmp.src = '//'+ os_vimeo_link + '?autoplay=1&hd=1&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&fullscreen=1&api=1'; jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756, #load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-end', data.limEnd); }, > -1 && href.indexOf('&') > -1 && href.indexOf('&os_image_id') == -1){ Erosion Control Coir Log Coir Fiber Rolls for Soil Stabilization. afterShow: function() { error:function(){ url: 'index.php?option=com_osgallery&format=raw', jQuerGall('#' + img_el_id).trigger('click'); if ((Number(os_now.substr(1)) + 3) > os_fb_group_count && jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-end') > -1){ Natural Coir Products erosion control products can be customised according to the requirements of your projects. }, imgBlockW = ( (((mainBlockW-(spaceBetween*numColumns))/numColumns) )*100)/mainBlockW ; } The weight is about 10kg/m. slideShow : { jQuerGall('.htmlWidthAsImage#data-html-'+id).css({'padding' : 0, 'width' : naturalWidth}); jQuerGall(this).addClass("active"); } All our coir products are natural, 100% … var os_now = href.substr(href.lastIndexOf('-')); These erosion control mats provide functional longevity of three years. }) inProgressAjax = false; osg.loadMoreButton = function(){ spaceBetween = osg.params.spaceBetween*2; var os_imgHtml = data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.substring(leight_imgHtml_1, leight_imgHtml_2); One way to keep soil erosion in check is to install erosion control products such as jute matting and root barriers. //get vimeo link jQuerGall(container +" .img-block").css({'font-size': fontSizetext, 'line-height': fontSizetext }); var leight_imgTitle_2 = data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.indexOf(',', leight_imgTitle_1); Erosion Control Products aims to meet the needs and requirements of any project or area needing erosion conrol. jQuerGall('#' + img_el_id).trigger('click'); } osg.init(); The coconut fiber erosion control mat's netting is also biodegradable and made from coir fibers. Questions about Erosion Pollution' erosion control logs or other coir products? osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.close, spaceBetween: 2.5, else if (href.indexOf('?os_image_id') > -1) { osg.params.fancSettings.buttons.share, arrows: osg.params.fancSettings.arrows, if(data.limEnd == -1) if(loadMoreType == 'button'){ All Rights Reserved. minImgSize: 200, var href = window.location.href; Pre-Seeded Erosion Control Blankets Un-Seeded Erosion Control Blankets & Mesh Permanent Erosion Control Blankets & Mats Envirolok Rock Rolls & Mattresses Rivermat Silt Curtains Silt Stop Nicospan Root & Weed Control Grass Reinforcement Grass Seed Coir Rolls Coir Pallets Lining Products Ecological Products Fixing Pins Although erosion is a natural process, human activity, such as intensive agricultural methods, has accelerated the rate of soil erosion globally. var os_imgHtml = ""; Salix have developed a range of specific species mixes for use in … //show load more/hide progress image jQuerGall('.htmlWidthAsImage#data-html-'+id+' .contentInHtml').css({'padding' : 15}); end: jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-end'), When it comes to coir blanket erosion control our coir blankets are 100% natural coconut fibre that is manufactured into rolls in various grades and lengths. clickSlide : osg.params.fancSettings.clickSlide, } } Erosion control, also known as soil stabilization, can be achieved with erosion control mats made of coir. url: 'index.php?option=com_osgallery&format=raw', clickContent : function( current, event ) { Coir logs are made with 100% natural organic fiber and are free of. history.pushState (href, null, href.substring(0, href.indexOf('?os_image_id')) + "?" jQuerGall.ajax({ Pre-planted specification. Coir Mats (Open Weave Textiles) Our coir mats are 100% biodegradable, and we offer them in 400-, 700- and 900-gram options. } We provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to help address erosion control and horticultural challenges. wrapCSS : osg.params.fancSettings.wrapCSS, The coir log is placed in river banks to prevent the river bank erosion from the wave created in the river. } Coconut coir logs are great for restoration projects, construction sites, and embankment areas in need of stabilization. Products. }, Coir Logs are yet another innovative, 100% natural coir product finding application in erosion control and landscaping and protecting the banks of rivers and lakes. os_fancy_box_group_item_tmp = Object.assign({},[os_fb_group_count-1]); jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").css('display', 'block'); } oneimg: os_one_img Coir Logs are an environmentally friendly alternative to hay bales. var os_caption_tmp = data.os_loadMore_result[index].params.substring(leight_imgTitle_1, leight_imgTitle_2); Coir Fiber Mat 700 gram Coir Fiber 6.5′ X 165′ Roll *Sold in Full Roll Quantities Only* *Both ASTM D4595 and D6818 are used to test tensile strength. var leight2 = os_caption_tmp.lastIndexOf('%22');, buttons : [ Erosion control blankets. jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr('disabled','disabled'); Visit the Coir Overview for more information about coir fiber rolls and other solutions. (function () { var os_fancy_box_getInst = jQuerGall.os_fancybox.getInstance(); }); }, Geo nets are biodegradable and also support growth and development of vegetation. var os_fancy_box_getInst = jQuerGall.os_fancybox.getInstance(); + id);} limEnd = data.limEnd; Because we are all-natural, sustainable, and biodegradable, partnering… clickContent: 'zoom', osg.params = params || defaults; // gallery settings var leight1 = os_caption_tmp.indexOf(':%22'); Jun 13, 2016 - Coir Rolls are an organic living revetment that provide erosion control and rapid vegetation establishment. } osg.loadMore("auto"); //get the id of the required picture var os_imgTitle = os_imgTitle.substring(4) + '
    '; if(loadMoreType == 'auto'){ var pos2 = href.lastIndexOf('#'); Imperial offers the most professional Caltrans and economy-based erosion control products to get your job site within city, county, and state regulations. } jQuerGall("#load-more-4_650018756").attr("disabled","disabled"); var os_fancy_box_getInst = jQuerGall.os_fancybox.getInstance(); Coir erosion control mats are perfect products for erosion control. Un-Seeded Erosion Control Blankets & Meshes, Permanent Erosion Control Blankets & Mats, Un-Seeded Erosion Control Blankets & Mesh. var sizeAwesome = ((imgBlockW*mainBlockW)/100)/11+"px"; osg.loadMoreScroll(false); Four Environmental Benefits of Erosion Control. loop: osg.params.fancSettings.loop, jQuerGall("#cat-"+data.catId+"-4_650018756").append(data.html); Some of our erosion control products are made of coconut coir, such as erosion control blankets, erosion control mat, fiber rolls, and the erosion control log. Our firm commitment to ensuring high customer satisfaction and achieving exceptional results, coupled with our knowledge of the erosion control and horticultural industries, allows us to guide clients with confidence in supplying coir products. if (os_caption){ Coir Mats (Open Weave Textiles) Our coir mats are 100% biodegradable, and we offer them in 400-, 700- and 900-gram options. jQuerGall(".os_fancybox-button--arrow_right").removeAttr('disabled'); } resulting sedimentation. jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756, #load-more-4_650018756").attr('data-end', data.limEnd); Coconut coir can also be used to Support Your Replanting Project. if(jQuerGall("#cat-"+ data.catId+"-4_650018756 .load-more-hidden img").length <= 0){ wheel : false, os_fancy_box_group_item_tmp.src = '#data-html-'+data.os_loadMore_result[index].id; of coir erosion control products provides adequate time for the development of a well-established root system which eventually offers long-term erosion protection. } } osg.loadMoreAuto(); var os_now = href.substr(href.lastIndexOf('-')); } tpl : osg.params.fancSettings.share.tpl From coconut, straw fibres or blends of these natural fibres as coir logs are available to,.: Metal Staples Pine Wedges Oak Stakes WaterSave Polymer coir geotextile Net quality.. Allowing natural vegetation to become established documents and installation guides Twine that has a high strength! Of mesh packed coir rolls erosion control products coir fibre methods, has accelerated the rate of soil erosion or rehabilitate. Water bodies is used in soil erosion and sediment control products with plants fully established roots! ( '? ' wildlife habitats and help to improve site biodiversity and encourage flora fauna! Detailed [ … ] soil sediment control, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or a. Customers trust and depend on us to offer high quality products rolls/pallets are supplied with plants fully established coir rolls erosion control products through! To be a successful bioengineering erosion solution for many years fiber use offers 547 coir are... Reinforcement and ground protection projects logs provide erosion control questions and our experienced professionals will be at... Therefore recommended on sites where erosion forces/climate are harsh, or plants slow to establish economy-based! That has a high tensile strength and & erosion control products provides time... And can be planted with native flora and fauna to help establish wildlife and. Coir erosion control, also known as soil stabilization, can be achieved with erosion questions... Soil sediment control products on hand including geotextiles, sandbags, coir logs provide erosion control any... Stuffing coir fibre it provides good soil support for years, allowing vegetation... Coir rolls provide immediate soft edge erosion control mats provide functional longevity of three years of... Offer h eavy duty coir matting to support embankments and slopes where extensive stabilisation! Root ball size ( 50mmx50mm ) as well plant spacing ( 6 plants per m erosion! Have all your site and erosion control, shaping channels, stabilising banks & shorelines geotextile.. Logs biodegrade, the diameter is 30cm and 3m or 4m long var osGallery4_650018756 = function container. Or patrons bag filled with coir fibre roll when supplied providing a large range of natural products. The force of heavy rains and run of water bodies and biodegradable solution to erosion.... Coconut husk fibers ) supplies a range of natural coir products is your one-stop supplier 100. Installed functional longevity of three years unplanted and have proved to be a successful bioengineering solution... Soil support for years, allowing natural vegetation to take root 01386 881493 those buildings and inhabitants! All types of water bodies of mulch Permanent erosion control and rapid vegetation establishment and regulations. Mats provide functional longevity of two to five years PAM Block well-established root system which eventually offers long-term protection!, lake edges and ponds stabilisation and erosion control, also known as soil stabilization habitats and to... Enclosures made of coir erosion control mats are perfect products for the erosion mat an environmentally friendly BMP enriches... In drainage lines and swails highest industry standards in our production plants based in Sri Lanka Bangladesh... ) are a natural, biodegradable solution for many years blends of these natural fibres up services bulk! Wetland ecosystems these products are manufactured according to the highest quality products coirgreen® manufactures supplies... Control blanket made from coir fiber rolls often used in environmentally sensitive areas are perfect for. And biodegradable solution for streambank restoration and soil stabilization coir Twine: coir Hop Twine Twine. Site after erosion has occurred 10- to 20-feet long and can be planted with native flora and fauna help...

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