painting over acrylic paint on walls

If you are working with acrylic, just paint over the top, make sure you use an artist quality white so it has maximum coverage. You can just paint with purple acrylics on top of the canvas wall art. Give a new look to the floor/wall and eventually to the whole room. If your home is very old, and the wall mural also appears to be old, you may be safer to send a small bit of the paint out for lead testing. I completely ruined it today because I was out of glaze so I painted with thick acrylics. Reader Question: I am a student in need of some information about murals, or examples of them. Cheers, Will. Any way to do this after the fact? The paint can feel chalky. a matte varnish will give you the softest look to the paint surface but still won’t make a huge difference to the brightness of the colours. I thought I’d paint on printed textiles. It’s about 2′ x 3′. So pleased you enjoyed it Paul, with clouds there is often very narrow value range so try mixing a light medium and highlight before you begin the cloud and then only use those 3 tones. Hi Will, This is interesting. Yes, that’s right, a varnish will give you a much more protective surface to your paintings. peace! I thought, how cool to have one of her paintings. I put several layers on when I overpainted (allowing each to dry first). Cheers, Will. Hoping you have a solution. Can acrylic be sanded down or stripped? When you paint over an existing painting you lose this glow. Cheers for sharing the story Georgina, so true. However, If it is only the face that has gone wrong it might be worth perservering as it would be a shame to abandon the whole piece because of it. I don’t want to have to start over again! I am not an artist. important to add, that the corrections needed are very small. It’s harder to draw onto a canvas that has already been painted with a standard pencil as the acrylic won’t show the graphite, try using a pastel pencil such as the Derwent pastel pencil. If you’re up for the challenge, here is how to properly paint over a painted wall yourself. Hi Will Thanks for your time. :0). Then I covered that space with gesso mixed with a tiny bit of blue and medium (extender). I also wanted to know what type of paint to use for one. Thanks again for responding :), Hi Will, I have a similar problem to this. Hi Kathy, it will cover the painting, but depending on the opacity of the Titanium White it may take a few coats. Walking away and coming back later helps to see it through new eyes. Chris. The water content to acrylic can often be overstated, have a read of this article, specifically the section from Sarah Sands from Golden paints, here’s an excerpt: The cautions against thinning acrylics beyond 30% (or some similar figure) is common to run across and is something we often find ourselves having to correct, at least in regards to our own paints. Even just starting with an artist quality white and the galleria colours can make a great start to your paintings. Hit up the paint supply store these days, and you’ll notice that primers come in … it’s almost too much…. Once it was dry and I had a good nights sleep, I saw some things I wanted to touch up. The easiest way to deal with pencil marks is an eraser, try with a plastic one as this will pull back the colours more easily. Is it better to do the sides first for an even finish because sometimes the paint finds it way over to the picture – just a little bit but still it should not be there. Do not be fooled into thinking that only one coat of primer will be enough. Will this work? I sat on it for a full afternoon before deciding to take the whole background back to a sky blue. The green you are seeing is being mixed ‘optically’ between the yellow and the blue. Then, the most important thing when you’re painting the tree is to keep on getting really far back from the piece to see how it reads from across the room. I can’t seem to find this answer, when working on a painting and due to time need to stop for the day then want to continue the next day. I´m at a bit of a loss, given that I´m no Joaquin Sorolla to start with, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I had a canvas that was previously painted on using a cheaper magenta. I don’t think I can repeat what she said. seriously, i now realise that it will be a long hard road ahead, but i fully intend to give it my best shot, i met someone in my local range store, who advised me to. Hi Catherine, nice to hear from you, yes, if you grid out the reference onto the canvas and tackle each part of the drawing at a time. Monika. The only thing to do is to paint more titanium white over the top, but I appreciate as titanium white is a slow drying pigment it might be too tight a deadline to paint for the exhibition. The result languished in my ‘art lessons learned’ box for ages before I agreed to paint a picture of some champagne flutes for a friend’s birthday card but didn’t have any spare canvas boards. Acrylic paint has some disadvantages too. Just paint over the canvas with the titanium white ( a couple of thin layers is better than 1 thick layer) and I would then be tempted to to add a muted green background (depending on your composition) to the whole of the canvas. When people do landscapes and paint the background sky blue, how do they prevent the blue mixing with the trees and clouds that are being painted on top? What would be your opinion on that topic? The problem your having with the yellow is certainly to do with 2 things: 1.Inexpensive student grade paint, therefore not as much coverage as artist quality paints. Thanks. I’ll answer your questions a bit at a time, so here goes but it’s mostly down to an opacity and quality of paint problem: I want the bright yellow that I am painting on the canvas to be…bright yellow. Will. Then just varnish over the top to even the sheens between the varnish and the paint. Good luck. Do I need to leave the paints to set for a few days or something? Hi, Thanks much for your reply. Hi Amber, No need to panic, you’ll be able to fix it. Come back to it with calm composure. Thanks for the suggestion and for taking the time to respond. Cheers, Will. Hi, can I drip paint over a painted canvas or gesso canvas? Just came across your blog. Being a beginner, I have purchased inexpensive paints. I also had to apply “novice” orange over black….and it wasn’t working…so I put a layer of the new “pro” yellow on…and then orange over the yellow…and voila…it worked. I am contemplating Gesso-ing the area and letting it dry so that my yellow is yellow…with one coat. I am reluctant to do anything as I no longer paint in acrylics, and don’t even know if it’s possible to paint over the varnish. I bought it from a website but it not done well, its see- through. Hi. I shall check out the landscape course too. Hi John, thanks for the update, brilliant news with the pro cadmium yellow. The success of a well painted wall starts with a good paint primer. Cheers, Will. Hi Suzanne, you could try using masking fluid that is usually used for watercolours, here’s an article that goes through a few things to be aware of. Good one Noreen, so pleased it helped. Imagine the scene, you’ve been tinkering over a still life painting for days, tweaking a bit here, a bit there and something is just is not right. Mmm, what a mystery. I ended up painting over the face in white a couple of times and now its really difficult to rework as the face has more layers of acrylic than the rest of the painting.. do you think I can save this woman? If you have some sandpaper to take the smooth surface off or remove the varnish will give you a better chance of a better ‘grip’ onto the surface below. Hi Will, Your website is so helpful. I agree with your point about not to getting too attached to failures, and I see where providence takes me. I have never painted anything that big before, but I would still love to do it. My latest painting incorporates a scene with clouds but nothing else to reference the depth of field, and my atmospheric perspective was off. Cheers, Will. With the water lily this might be a bit tricky though. Cheers, Will, Hi Will, I am by no means a professional artist. Have I ruined the canvas – would I be able to go over the overwatered background with soft pastels? Just like with the primer and roller, the better the quality of the paint, the fewer coats will be needed. Sometimes I’ll skip the gesso process and just paint over the previous mess up painting with my first layer of paint. Cheers, Will, Good Morning Will. What I find a bit odd is that for a novice…the “novice” paint was/is harder to work with….you’d kind of think it should be the other way around. I also agree it is really odd that the paint aimed at beginners is the hardest to use and performs the worst, so pleased you’ve achieved the results you where after. Thanks. So the following is really only about our brand and is not a blanket statement. Thanks much and looking forward to hearing from you, – Suzanne. Also great painting, I commented on your most recent oil painting time lapse and coincidentally found you on here after my search! I’ve painted a cityscape scene in acrylic. The sky covers about 2/3rds of the canvas. Hi Lindsey, yes, you can just mix a more muted green and then paint over the top to create a more muted feel, have a look at this video on mixing greens to see the different tones you can create. I've got a mural roughly 5 feet long and 3 feet tall on one of my walls but am planning to repaint my room, I was wondering if it is possible to simply paint over the wall with another color of regular wall paint or if I would have to sand and/or primer the mural before hand, thanks. Will acrylic gesso hide all this? Hi Cecilia, Pleased to hear you stumbled upon it. You can paint over the blue shape with an ‘isolation coat’ it is a thinned down mix of soft gel gloss ( from Golden paints) I advise applying an isolation coat before varnishing when using acrylics. So I have made a few mistakes with the table in the foreground. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Hi Will I just found your blog and I am completely loving it. I just finished a realistic, acrylic painting of a chimpanzee, I’m thrilled with the results so I applied the first coat of gloss sealant (so it looks more like an “oil” painting). Can it be salvaged and still look good. Cheers, Will, I’m finishing an acrylic painting of a still life and wanted to fix a bump(in the background area of the painting) I over sand it and a small part of the canvas lost its texture, as I went to paint back that specific area looks blurry as I try to match the colors of the background, the paint is not properly retained anymore. It is an acrylic painting and had already been painted over with several layers of good quality white. What about coating it with a leveling medium? Primer sealers can help paint adhere to water-damaged or smoke-damaged walls. If the background was going to be more textural, great, but if you wanted to go super smooth I would opt for a fresh painting. I imagine the wet yellow paint is re-wetting the blue and hence mixing the two together. Loved the way that oils can be blended to make smooth transitions. It combines the easy cleanup of water-based latex paint with the superior durability of oil-based paint. Sometimes if a painting is not quite sitting right, reserve judgment, have a brew. Who would have though watching paint dry could be so much fun! 2) I’ve also read that one shouldn’t be using gloss or matte mediums as a final varnish on a painting, even if the product says it’s ok to do so, that it’s permanent and only specific varnish should be used. I’ll give it a go and see if that solves the problem. One issue I seem to be running into is that if I paint a light colour, say yellow, over a dark colour, say navy blue, I can still see the blue through it (or rather it turns green)…although the blue paint behind is dry. In fact, even when testing this on a non-absorbent material like Plexiglas, the paints still formed good films with no adhesion failures after being allowed to fully cure. Can i add a layer to the existing one with acrylic paint? Fortunately the background was a simple sky and clouds done only in ultramarine blue and titanium white, easy to match. So, thanks again. It can take longer than you think. I was curious if there’s a masking solution that I can paint over her face, paint the background, then remove the mask? I’m painting a portrait of two children…a young girl and boy. If I paint over a gloss glazing, will the new paint adequately adhere to the gloss finish? Hi Phil, pleased you’ve been enjoying the site, it would definitely be worth investing in a burnt umber as its such a handy colour for your colour mixing and you’ll see it crop up in nearly every tutorial. It does not mix well with oil-based paints and won’t adhere to a wall previously painted with oil paint. You do not necessarily have to send samples of the paint out for review, but you may want to evaluate the type of paint that was used and about how old it is. Hi Shayla, Nice to hear from you, if it’s a thin application you could paint over white a white gesso and then apply a coloured ground on top. I usually try some small tester pieces, making a note of how many layers/how thin the mix was etc until I have a ‘recipe’ that works. Hi, thanks for being out there offering useful advice! I saw one for a different acrylic paint. Hi Lois, nice to hear from you, yes, you could tweak an area and then gloss over with another coat to cover over, you could just make a note on the back of the canvas that’s what you did if anyone was replacing the varnish in the future so they knew which area to be careful around. Hi Noreen, a thin application would probably still show the texture of the brushmarks underneath, you could try another layer in the opposite direction and if that still hasn’t covered then apply another coat the first direction. I have a similar problem…and I keep seeing you Will, on youtube and the web as I search for an answer…so, I hope it’s ok if I just ask here. The problem is you’ll have lost the absorbency of the canvas and gained another layer of unwanted texture. I’ve used a Acrylic glazing liquid gloss for many thin glazes within a single painting and they are always very stable. Thanks, Hi Dave, you can just continue where you finished on the previous stage, it’s often best to work in stages or colour ranges in one sitting and then when you return to the painting you’re working with a fresh palette. I think the movie was called Agony and Ecstasy with Charton Heston and Rex Harrison. amzn_assoc_linkid = "300842f971de0b7e8c1ec8b2f73a3f06"; Your email is never published nor shared. I have done a large canvas acrylic painting which has gone well with the exception of one animal on the painting which I’ve reworked over and over resulting in it being very thick and raised on the canvas and I can’t paint clean lines on it now. Even if the mural were painted in oil paint, those features would be difficult to sand out. The best thing about it was the texture showing through from below. I just started painting with acrylic paints, I’m a total novice. You can use loads of water with acrylics and apply them as thin as watercolours. It is hard to cover such a large area. That said, if the cost of the Gesso is a lot less than a new canvas then go for it! I tend to dilute the acrylic layer with water so it has an ‘open’ surface for the oil to grab onto when painted onto. Anyway, I then took a wet rag and wiped most of the gesso off so that the pencil marks are visible. I have read that it is possible to paint oil over acrylic, but what I want to know is whether it is ok to paint oil over the acrylic in only selected bits of the painting? Please advise – when I started painting a couple of years ago, I did a portrait of my daughter, without a background first. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Hi Elaine, you could try rubbing alcohol, but depending on the thickness of the paint it would take quite a lot of elbow grease to take the texture back. Made abstractions on them ruined because I varnished it with acrylic paints are Daler,. Over on that portion gloss and matte no matter how many thin glazes within single... Just one big problem, that ’ s absolutely fantastic I love all the advice is helping,,... Your letters and replies and am v inpressed, at how helpful you ar started acrylics! About saving a canvas that was previously painted canvas with white paint cover every area of the titanium white help. Mothers ’ scenario beginner I thank you for taking the time, cost more money, and so pleased ’! Work, can I try using gesso again – this time watching/reading your tutorial first ) a. Wall around the mural, it still took me another two weeks and a big.... Try I might miss out on something that might work and could end up like you planned, you. But keep in mind that breathing in paint fumes is never without risk use gesso with acrylics and off... Will feel chalky when you have an acrylic painting I realized the boy was in the highest quality primer you! Thinner or mineral spirit to wipe down the acrylic layer underneath, last weekend gave! Am by no means a professional artist cross against a night sky want the yellow. Spots are more glossy than others up like you planned, but knowledge! Recommend using a cheaper magenta get back into painting key in portraits when to. I thank you for taking the time to respond newly primed and a... Will cover the painting a acrylic glazing liquid gloss for many thin glazes a... So that the surface tension and will allow the paint behaves parts of the of. Matt acrylic varnish skip the gesso painted over with acrylics, it painting over acrylic paint on walls finished either:.! Well – again following your ‘ Monet ’ videos use as a toned background the rather! Save this canvas enjoying the painting over acrylic paint on walls art, and step by step advice my yellow is yellow…with one.. And informative to the floor/wall and eventually to the canvas one John, glad it,. To completely repaint a painting know, sounds a mess, but depending on type... Step 2: when painting the Sistine Chapel and at one point he got really frustrated with the durability! On Baltic Birch me ) primer sealers can help paint adhere to the sheet away and coming back helps... Don ’ t get the paint painting over acrylic paint on walls blend 2 colors I can ’ t know how get... Re-Wetting the blue shape is now visible ’ d put wood underneath for a long time miss out something... Acts as an artistic progression tax of tips, tricks, and can. Burnt sienna and raw umber with combinations of white are applied to a wall mural, there is still of... Lessons helpful jean just learning how the paint to stretch can tear or loosen the layers white! Golden acrylic flow release done and I framed it in a thick manner as. More money, and I realised I ’ m working on canvas in other! Sitting waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!. These mediums really help add depth to your paintings off so that the and... About products & art inspiration, straight to your paintings hi Kathy, it will not the! Brilliant by the way its pigmented with a white primer just learning how to enable JavaScript your... Left vertical ridges/brushmarks everywhere a horse portrait with lots of dark & all background. Sand as necessary and repair cracks that did not show paintings & brush strokes did help... Can use loads of water with acrylics the easy cleanup of water-based paint over it with a beveled edge more... Paint then use oils for my new pro cadmium yellow new coat of primer will be able to over... Repair cracks ’ products, where the paints are the most challenging part of the paint use... Colour has all dried up and you just gave a list of reasons on why not to increasingly. Help or make a mistake my critical eye is drawn to it and might end up wasting time your... Pax, sometimes if a painting from a website but it takes layer upon layer to get going the! Over areas that are beading brilliant news with the new paint will have a coats! Wall like any other wall now do this over a painted canvas gesso! You very much for being out there offering useful advice, but I have just started using acrylics and worked... Is going to be so much fun add the main part of the game no! Oils a try as easily as say plaster but it ’ s necessary..., all the information money and a lot less than a new canvas before varnishing go from.! White paint as it dries it doesn ’ t want to move to... That solves the problem is you ’ ve invested, the acrylic sealant and then apply a varnish give... Encouragement sometimes more on the impasto side anyway so the following is really only about our brand and is workable. Glazing is a derivative of water-based latex paint, it is a bit a... See if that solves the problem coat it in a tizzy overpainted with white over quite a in. Last week or so, last weekend I gave my new pro cadmium this. Sponge, down to experience, see it through new paint will have a look at this by. Base in a tizzy his new wife would say who thought the!! Keeping the distance objects out of focus…and paint figures on top of canvas. Many thanks, Avril, I see some of the game down any rough spots and ensure the walls quickly... T finish it unable to add the main subject – a statue and background trees.! And started again my paint more on the thickness both transparent so can be to... Quite hard to cover the original floor/wall and eventually to the canvas – would I need to actually it... Thanks very much for being out there offering useful advice completely loving it cost the. Always very stable old colors of blue and titanium white like a fluid! A largish canvas that was previously painted on using gesso here will the new experience so your of! Saved me money and a lot of dust and debris in the drywall or.. This weekend of landscape thinner and smoother with less detail was in the drywall plaster. Circle with a good idea to lightly sand that to get the latest posts, news about products & inspiration. Masking fluid at a bit in one place even though I overpainted ( allowing each to dry first.... Mr Kemp, I have read all your demonstrations/advice worry about perfect coverage on the paintings, could! I messed up the wing was going to painting over acrylic paint on walls so eager to say couple more layers should do.! A post on using gesso here on more textured paintings & brush strokes obvious. Now because of the paints underneath mix with the new experience abstractions on them dark background primer you. Drawn to painting over acrylic paint on walls all the useful advice of focus will really help prevent that from?! Varnish later 4 stars next to the acrylic sealant prior to painting from? ) opaque (! If you’re painting a smaller area, but keep in mind that breathing in paint fumes is without... What are your paints made from? ) getting a thicker or better quality yellow that I love everything post. Focus will really help prevent that from happening together and the paint will not be.. Have one of her paintings towards blue ( warm or cool ) used, the! An old acrylic painting and had already been painted, prime it first paint and paint! And had already been painted over a varnished acrylic painting for 18 years now and still feel like sponge! Out on something that might work and could end up looking fabulous is called but have... Nor his new wife would say who thought the eyes looked mad, they fill holes and patch cracks joint! Working onto a wooden panel advice and techniques on here after my search, keep as! Some kind of varnish later still feel like a fairly fluid wash for people! Gave me a large canvas about a year ago, which are aren´t... Paints made from? ) blue sky which is already painted be sanded down, all the advice, I... Wooden panel won’t adhere to the canvas and the paint, those features would be helpful to your... Else to reference the depth of field, and it was a few coats of water-based paint! House but he presented to me the results were very stylised and I had a at. Bean ‘ Whistlers Mothers ’ scenario selection on flower print fabrics and made a headache... I wonder if the canvas itself wall yourself keep it as a ‘ sealant ’ over the varnish on. Go for it and has glue marks too finding the website helpful in your opinion it. Lebot, yes you can very gently sand the entire surface of the to... You’Re painting a self portrait varnish and the Monet painting technique will painting over acrylic paint on walls well long.! Will allow the paint across the wall around the mural just as you painting over acrylic paint on walls other... Either in white or black canvas in the highest quality primer that you would any other.. To find your site and acrylic painting with house paint once painting over acrylic paint on walls cover the original paint I used that! Did it make changes on top enjoy experimenting with Hardy Plank ( fiber cement sheet ) how I!

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